The All-Essential Packing Guide

Vacation packing. Ease & practically appears to be far removed and almost mutually exclusive when we’re in the thick of this seemingly nearly impossible, inevitable routine for travel. All-to familiar frantic procrastination and last minute packing tends to take away the ease of a calming getaway. However with the right tools fashioned whether you’re an under-packer or a professional over-packer (admittedly myself), this guideline will not only be a remedial cure for your packing nightmares, but to consider travel as a fashion opportunity for self-expression and adventure!

As an added bonus, these curated tips can be well adapted and helpful to an everyday wardrobe working its way from dawn to dusk. Though we know effortless chic may seem contradictory, through careful planning you’ll be masterful and strategize like the coolest editors. Let’s dive in!

The cheeky K.I.S.S. principle a.k.a. Keep It Simple, Stylish

Not only a powerful (yet cheeky!) communicative tool and principle – it is a means to organization, structure, and less headaches for your preparations for your upcoming destinations. Simplicity is key. Pack what makes you feel confident and don’t overload. Don’t overcompensate for what doesn’t feel right.

Most of us tend to pack above our needs and don’t wear all that we’ve brought. Concentrate on those key essentials and stick to those pieces you’ll be able to wear multiple times over. To differentiate outfits, use playful accessories to compartmentalize space as it’ll be limited for your travel luggage. Accessories are the armoury to transitioning your outfits to a different setting you’ll be situated in when on vacation.

Use Your Itinerary to Your Advantage

If you have a planned itinerary, this is the perfect time to allocate pieces and string together your favourite outfits. Already having a pre-existing set plan will help you to actualize outfits, what to pack, and keep you more organized. Use it as a guideline and though it may seem trivial to think of what you’re wearing, before you realize half the work has already been done. Allow your schedule to lend itself to your packing preparations.

Better yet, if one event blends into another, you can pack a breathable jumpsuit or dress and switch out the accessories for a look in the evening from day.

Capsule Wardrobe

The all-essential, classic pieces that won’t fade out of style. These pieces are the staples and building blocks that provide foundation to your closets. With a capsule wardrobe, it’s the perfect base augmented with the trendiest or seasonal top picks.

Premised on a minimalist approach, this is a perfect principle to apply to your getaway outfits. Keeping it simple removes any external complications and frustrations. I believe that it is not limited to any number of pieces to own, however it is important to make it work best for your lifestyle.

Additionally, sticking to a colour story simplified my previous packing preparations. As an added bonus, it is noted as the chicest way to travel in style by fashion’s most noted editors. For summer, neutral palettes and caramel tones work perfectly to match a midsummer’s glow. Add golden accessories and jewelry to complete your summer look.

Whether it’s a crew-neck striped tee, a LBD, or your favourite sneakers, it is ideal to make it your own. It is a great guideline to follow but it is important to individuate to your personal taste.

Style tip: To keep you looking chic yet cool go for your investment cargo jacket with a summery, breezy dress or jeans. Focus on fabric of the garments.

Your Travel BFF: Loungewear

When travelling, never underestimate the power of good loungewear. Those in-between moments of wake-up to heading for the outdoors to getting ready for those nights out, your favourite loungewear is that perfect mediator for those quieter moments. Better yet, you can mix your favourite loungewear tee with a pair of shorts, skirt, or under a slip dress.

Especially for those cooler flights, an extra sweater or scarf in your carry-on will definitely be not only your BFF, but your MVP for the duration of the journey. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing so and haven’t looked back, regardless if I’m heading to a warmer destination. Nothing pumps serotonin as well as an ultra-soft piece of fleece-wear that enwraps your body into utter bliss.

As an added bonus, it acts as a 2 in 1 in case for those days were your pyjamas seems too far away and those ultra-soft shorts were too cozy to leave!

Style Tip: Another reason to save those dust/cloth bags, they provide use not only for our shoes but as a great pouch for swimwear, our undergarments, and laundry. Bring as many as you like (depending on your travel agenda) and hang up where it is best. Easy.

The Undisputed Power of Fit

This section may be obvious, however I believe it is one of the most underestimated yet important tips before travel. It goes hand-in-hand with the K.I.S.S. method as well as sticking to that capsule wardrobe. As our bodies constantly change, it is important that we understand where we are now and accommodate based upon our choices in wear.

Try everything on at least a couple days beforehand. If you feel an item needs hemming – try on at least a week before and that’ll give plenty of time for a tailor to make those finishing perfections.

Fit is one of the avenues is dress that makes us feel confident. We don’t want to fiddle or frantically search for pieces in our closet to only be left with our whole wardrobes on our floors and nothing to wear.

Take control. Understand your body. Hone in on the power of fit. Integrate this notion into your wellness routine. The work is done.

Invest in Personal Styling

While this isn’t a necessity I’ve had the pleasure of working with different clients ahead of their travels. Overall, a styling experience is a wonderful investment and clients usually come away feeling more confident and assured in their decisions.

Most department stores have in-house styling services. A high-touch, individuated experience done with ease – guaranteed, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your body and sense of style – an added bonus.

Be assured that most won’t require additional fees for your experience; however, depending where you live I’d recommend to check-in with a coordinator.  Alternatively, you can seek the services of a local stylist if you’re unable to connect with a department styling service.

Style Tip: Feel welcome to bring in some of your favourite pieces from home and together, the stylist in consideration will coordinate with you chic essentials and a wardrobe you’ll feel confident wearing.

Go Rogue

As much as I love a capsule wardrobe with a pop of those special add-ons, the best advice I’ve ever received as I recall in broken verbatim was Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation. Be uninhibited in your choices, and whatever garment maximises on your joy and confidence (no matter how obscene) – happiness overrides sensibility and with a chip on your shoulder, throw it lovingly in your travel luggage.

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