The Tie-Dye Revival

More-is-More with This Splash of Sartorial Nostalgia

Bursting on to the international runways and worn by the world’s most stylish women, this reminiscence of a mind-bending time is one of the hottest trends for your out-of-office Vitamin-D induced getaways. An unexpected yet surprising choice, it was once dubbed a lifetime ago that the print was no longer purposeful for an essential wardrobe. However, as shown through the imitable Proenza Schouler turtleneck or on feminine slip dresses from It-Girl brand favourite Réalisation Par, this psychedelic aesthetic is a mainstay. While counter-intuitive to the subdued monochrome trend, this well-loved statement boasts its own accolades as is not only for the eccentric cool, it is a versatile tie-in for the most timeless wardrobes. Not only limited to apparel, this print melded its way into footwear from the barely there sandal to high-top sneakers.

Interpretation has allowed this print to evolve into modernity, beyond the accessible & favoured tee. Beyond the Cali-cool eccentricity, this print connotes political symbolism, in its defiance against unsavoury governmental rule. A means of counterculture for the hippie movement, now ever more this print is embedded in relevancy and individualism. Congruent with modernity, tie-dye is a formidable fashion-forward approach of reclamation. Moreover, behind the re-emergence of the tie-dye movement is fashion’s efforts to sustainability, as its production methods are much kinder to the environment. Groovy, baby.

Style Tip: For a summery yet casual look, wear a box-tee and pair with a cotton-blend or jean short. To update the look for a cooler evening, wear a smoking jacket atop a tie-dye tee with a high waist jean. Surprisingly, this trend lends itself for sexy silhouettes through slip dresses and bias cut skirts. For dresses, pair with an evening sandal & to pare down, wear a tee underneath. To keep it every day looking, save the tie-dye head-to-toe outfits for street style inspiration.

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