The NEON Glow

The Brightest Trend That’s Hitting All Our Summer Style Radars

Left to Right: Photos Via Style Du Monde; Asos; Getty Images

Stopping all sirens, the neon trend that has made headway for our wardrobes in 2018 is back to be embraced for Summer 2019. Juxtaposing the minimalistic tonal approach for the latest heatwave approved apparel, neon is the refreshing answer to the classic summery ethereal aesthetic. Trends of nostalgia such as this 80s definitive hue tends to be embraced where fervor and temperatures run high. Notwithstanding the influence of sun-kissed serotonin, this extra-delicious trend is the satisfying boost for your style arsenal.

Naturally, spandex and a myriad of silhouette-shaping apparel tend to be the most recognizable choice when it comes to this flamboyant hue. Re-imagining neon into modern, sophisticated fashion is widely showcased through suiting. Conversely, it can also act an accent piece to a muted ensemble. Neon yields itself not solely to lime green; as fiery tangerine, hot pink, and lustrous yellow all constitute this energy-boosting spectrum and are adorned from Cushnie to Jacquemus.

Left to Right: Photo Via Getty Images; Giorgia Gabriele; Jacquemus

Surprisingly, within the understandings of the hue lays defiance. Traditional colour palettes of femininity & conformity such as the muted, soft tones comes the garish, highly visible neon in complete contrast & counter-intuitive in its resistance. Options in re-signifying empowerment through apparel was prevalent during this time, such as the imitable power-suit. A means of expressing optimism and embracing youthfulness, this vibrant trend was an unapologetic extension of individuality and sexuality. With no shortages as its realized as a palette of wide-ranged expectations and wearability, this bona-fide trend is a sartorial mainstay.

Style Tip: To incorporate this trend, little accents through accessories or handbags & clutches would keep you modern and current. Dress up an LBD with a neon accessory or heel. To pare down but to integrate the colour, pair with neutrals such as a cream jean or trouser suit. Feeling bold? Choose a neon-coloured dress or pantsuit but stick with a neutral or black heel. For chic office wear, an all-black streamlined trouser suit with this bright, peppery splash is perfection. Works beautifully for cooler month dressing. The best accompaniment to this trend? A red lip.

Left to Right: Photos Via Net-a-Porter; Style Du Monde; Edward Berthelot

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