A Sartorial Romance

The Sultry Hues of Beige That Are Amping Up Our Midsummer Heatwaves

Photo from left to right via Man Repeller, Julie Pelipas; Pinterest, WhoWhatWearUK; Net-a-Porter

A contemporary style mainstay that’s reminiscent of Nineties minimalism is tonal dressing. Basking in this warm embrace in the aureate sunshine requires an arsenal of editor-approved vestments. Tonal dressing beautifies the skin, as if the luxurious garments have been mimicked by our natural epidermis through the sumptuous aesthetic. These are not only attuned with the current summer style dossier, but that their practicalities lend themselves to the ease of summer dressing; particularly with nudes, beige, whites, & cream. Though muted, these styles are certainly not lacking in flare as neutral toned head-to-toe looks are seducing our balmy sun-kissed days. Colloquially named the shades of beige, this hue is as current as timeless due to its sophisticated nature. From the lightest nude to the deepest terracotta, the list of diversity in this shade is endless.

Photos left to right via Net-a-Porter; Vogue France; Song of Style

Wearing these tones is synonymous with summer dressing. Tailoring is a mainstay for these soft palettes, whether taking a more seductive or conservative-cool approach. The eponymous short-suit or co-ord duo that’s all the rage for summer is perfect for daytime as well as after-dark. Our hedonistic indulgence to this style of dress refers to utilitarian, minimalist luxury. Purveyed in the Nineties; these sought-after styles have remained a mainstay and appeased our appetites for modern, carefree luxury. Showcasing its glory on the international runways from Tom Ford to Balmain, it’s a tease waiting to be explored with this dressing. Clean silhouettes, directional in structure yet feminine; escape has never looked more chic.

Photos left to right via Zoe Report; Pinterest; Elle

The perfect offset to these tones is to tie-in black or a bold print. The vivid punches of a bold print or colour provide contrast without overpowering the tones. Add gold adornment such as layering bangles, rings, and hoop earrings for full enhancement to complete the look. Thinking of that pleated skirt? Pair with a blouse of the same colour family and finish the look with a sandal. Styling up? Update with the well-loved sharply hemmed asymmetric skirt and pair with a boxy-cut blazer. Play with different textures to give the look interest, such as leather. A cozy stretch-knit dress is the epitome of laid-back chic perfected.

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