The Anti-Summer Manicure

Photo from left to right via Pinterest; Getty; Anine Bing

As we’ve seen worn recently by high-voltage A-list celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Lucy Boyton, fresh wipes of obsidian black & full-bodied burgundy is the antidote that offers difference to the traditional summer manicure. Colloquially named the “Anti-Summer Manicure” by VOGUE, this form of attention-drawing beautification is the “coolest It-girl trend” for this season. Though these ultra-cool confidantes may seem synonymous with sweater-weather dressing, choosing these shadowy colours for a nail update gently embraces the autumnal season without extra apparel layering. A sleek alternative, this rebellious choice lends itself to a myriad of sartorial possibilities.

Styling Up? Perfection is completed through our manicured tips when paired with minimalist, tonal dressing. To see outfit inspiration, click the link here. Black too bold? Try a spiced-berry hue, deep midnight blue, or dusky-eggplant. For an A-list approved touch, a bold nail would be an edgy complement to a feminine look, making it an allied beauty mainstay.

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