Sway and Cake

Photo via Instagram @swayandcake

Located in Seattle’s spirited district of Capitol Hill, tucked in on the corner of E Pike St and 12th Ave lies the luminescent storefront of the eponymous Sway and Cake. A Seattle institution; the style-centric boutique was founded in 2002 by Tamara Kilburn, a former stylist from New York City though it since moved locations to its current on Pike. As a bonafide destination, Kilburns’ vision extends store services such as personal styling and appointment shopping, and the curated inventory showcases its attention to detail from its apparel to apothecary. Kilburns’ further established endeavors includes Sway and Cake’s own private label and its sister boutique TBC by Sway and Cake located in the iconoclast Chophouse Row.

Sway and Cakes’ seasonal summer inventory

Incredibly eye-catching; its fresh bones are juxtaposed with its vibrant, eclectic selections. The creamy white walls laid the foundation for autumnal-hued felt fedoras; as seen hung meticulously in two vertical rows side-by-side enfolding a grand, illuminating mirror. Stocked with cult favourites such as AGOLDE, Levi’s, & Emerson Fry; the multi-brand boutique offers diverse seasonal curations that lend themselves from sartorial essentials to youthful, trend-setting garments. Laden with an arsenal of apparel and accessories ranging from Daydreamer classic retro-inspired band tees, mini-hoop tube earrings, to the relaxed silhouette of a Levi’s denim jacket; Sway and Cake adds the perfect punctuation to a modern wardrobe.

Sway & Cakes’ selected belt-bags & apothecary

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