Fossello’s interior & curated selections

Bringing the street-inspired influence of prêt-à-porter womenswear fashion to the West Coast, Fossello’s is a fashion-forward boutique that is nestled on Bernard St. in the lively district of Downtown Kelowna. This location had recently opened a few months prior and is the descendent of its big-sister boutique located on the Sunshine Coast in Sechelt, BC.

As indicated by its spacious interior & ethereal inventory, one can conjure imaginings from balmy summer hazes to cozy, wintery evenings. A balance between luxuriously chic all-white internal design combined with rustic industrial surroundings lends itself to timeless seasonality. The welcoming and inviting environment is top-tier in clientele service, as Fossello’s is premised on providing an individually tailored, bespoke experience.

Fossello’s fall inventory; third from left photo of Fossello’s dressing rooms via @eternaltimberanddesign

Fossello’s autumnal inventory is laden with insulating wardrobe essentials that deliver warmth with a punctuation in style. What can you discover? Featured brands and their stand-out products include a Frame cream cable-knit crew sweater, double-faced Mackage wool-coats, and an array of Leah Alexander jewelry. With such a high-regard for attention to detail, the curations at Fossello’s are effortlessly cool yet defiant in its own individualistic design. Seasonal garments are congruent to a tonal yet robust colour palette. A mélange of sultry burgundy, classic neutrals, and dusky-chic blacks are some of the myriad of hues.

In addition to a selection of colour hues, Fossello’s discerning keenness for detail conceptualizes the store layout beautifully. Moreover, its choice of textiles can be likened to an editorial trend report as it constantly seeks the latest in womenswear. Plenty of textured garments are available to discover from modern biker silver-hardware leather jackets to silky blouses. Known for their quality yet inexpensive tees, Fossello’s champions accessible luxury with value. Differing styles are consistently rotated. While the light-filled boutique is regarded for their summery, bohemian clothing; Fossello’s proves to be the allied fashion haven for all your wardrobe essentials, and it’s truly an emblem to the Kelowna shopping scene.

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