Photo from left to right: Alchemy’s interior & assortment of jewelry

By definition, Alchemy is a natural philosophic custom that is regarded as the ancient practice of metamorphosis, allurement, & renewal. Against the chilly Equinox autumnal weather brings, Alchemy Living Inc. is the remedy that provides serenity, fresh perspective, and an homage to local artisans as it’s regarded as one of Kelowna’s top interior design and lifestyle boutiques. Established by founders Sheila Estephan and Jeff McGregor; items are merchandised intuitively, cohesively, and in a plethora of means by which contrasting textures become harmonious. Eclectic, sexy, and rustic; Alchemy invigorates visceral senses & intelligences for the ethereal, as pieces can be quite delicate-feeling despite their size, design, and stature.

Photos via @alchemylivinginc

The cream walls are a gentle contrast to the rustic wood flooring. The walls are amplified with romanticized wired scripts, hanging tapestry, and stacks of shelves consisting of luxurious velvety pillows. A plethora of pillows! Undress Your Style’s favourites include an inspired vintage upholstery pillow and an ombré pink feathered rectangular cushioning. Styles are sourced in small quantities however there is no shortage of choices within the light-filled boutique. Other well-loved items include cozy textile throws, delicate gold-toned jewelry, confetti splatter napkins, and stoneware art-deco glazed bowls. A balance of poeticism; Alchemy transcends the bounds of rationale, yet embraces modernity.

Photo from left to right: Alchemy’s cozy bedding & intricate pillows

As well as boasting a killer online inventory; Alchemy’s services include gift registries, gift cards, tablescape production, and special ordering. While establishing itself as the center of home furnishings and lifestyle products; as noted by the company website the brick and mortar location sources its products in an ethical fashion through Fair Trade, and is a proponent supporter of local artists. Enchanting and alluring; the aura is welcoming and soulful. Exemplifying a visual language of contrast, comfort, and varied design ethos cycles; Alchemy is the lifestyle mainstay that embodies its whimsical namesake into modernity.

Photos via @alchemylivinginc

Intrigued by Alchemy? We thought so. We’d also think you’d love visiting Fossello’s. You can find Undress Your Style’s review here.

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