The Countdown to Party-Ready Festive Glamour

The It-List of High Octane Dress Codes That Maximize Our Love Affair for After Dusk Playful Dazzle
Photo via Net-a-Porter

A sartorial nod to 80s high-voltage glamour is on our wintry style dossier for this season of after-dusk soirée dressing. Sumptuous louche velvets, playful polka dots, & electrifying lamé are the arsenal of fashion allies that bring maximum impact to flirtatious, dance-induced appareling. As its an embrace to a fashion cohort of copious adornment; 90s minimalism is the antidote that adds elegant sophistication for the streamlined muses.

For this season of glisten, whether you’re a fashion-laden maximalist or adore chic classicism; Undress Your Style has unveiled the modernized point-of-view to dialing up the festive silhouette. From both spectrums of iconic allure, essential pickings of the most storied seasonal curations are on our radars as the perfect additions. The nice & naughty list you need to know.

The Velvet Redux
Photo via Net-a-Porter

The crushing hero that is the arsenal of show-stopping sumptuous luxury. This year, we’re re-inventing this timeless style and wearing it with intricate detailing as a blouse, mini skirt, or as a suit with off-convention colour. It’s the staple that Party Edits are made for. Stock up on a velvet accessory this season. A classic style laden with romanticism and heritage-like quality.

Shimmering Lamé
Photo via What Goes Around NYC

High-voltage glamour is given a kaleidoscopic & mirrored appeal for wintry party dressing. As this retro texture nods to playfully ostentatious femininity – Lamé is a textile that showcases ultimate celebration. Undress Your Style is fawning over lamé mini & midi length dresses for this season. Add interest with sheer dernier tights & bedazzled earrings. Wearing that tailored showstopping tailored suit? Pair with a silky light-reflecting camisole.

The Silky Slip
Photo via Reformation

This essential is an Undress Your Style sartorial mainstay. The slip dress is a versatile picking that works its wonders for every season & occasion. Its minimalist appeal lends itself for streamlined elegance and can be worn underneath a cushioned sweater or with a menswear-inspired blazer. Subtle glamour done with all style accolades.

Bright Hues
Photo via Vogue Paris

An electrifying pop of hues is on our radars for festive charm. Vibrant colourways such as flirty pinks & constant blues encode for festive-ready soiree. Embrace these 80s inspired pigments into modernity by sticking to streamlined shapes. Indulge with more daring colours such as luxurious reds & neon greens. Add edgy punctuation to your ensembles with ease.

The Sequin
Photo via The Coveteur

Sequins are synonymous with affairs of celebration. Catch all the attention with this light-reflecting textile & pair with your favourite clutch. Sequins are a sure-fire means of standing out – however it lends itself to neutralize due to its seamless sheen. Be bold and pair with bright tones such as hot pink to make an impact. Rugged denim? Absolutely. Contrast a sequinned blouse with a pair of your favourite denim.

The Finishing Tie-Ins
Photo via Petite Cherie Collective

Completing your ultimate chic look for festive dressing? We’ve got sartorial options from Swiss-dot sheer dernier tights to feathery plume clutches. Perfect vintage-touches to a modern silhouette. Our 90s love affair with headbands continues. From the gold-toned studded to the pearled; accessorizing with an editor-approved headband will surely have heads turning. Amp the glamour to every ensemble with intricately embellished earrings.

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