Classic Blue

The Inky Hue that’s a Spanning Burst of Cool of We’ll be Wearing Year-Round

How are we stepping into the New Year with flair? While we’re partial to tonal neutrals that are endlessly on our style dossiers; bringing the sartorial push for hues that are subtle, yet defiant and unorthodox calls for Classic Blue. Why do we love it? It’s a compelling colour palette that lends itself to be a base framework yet adds dimension to our wardrobes. As a pigment that mirrors our desire for reassurance & connection yet is mesmerizing as a thought-provoking colourway – it is on our trend forecast for 2020. We’re welcoming inky, Classic Blue & it will be having us wearing it all year long.

Taking notes from Pantone’s recent resilient inductee as the Colour of the Year has been the most storied in Fashion. As a recent showcase on Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter 2020 Collection; this masculine-like colourway is given a feminine, architectural twist and can be worn monochromatically like its neutral allies. Blue is made spirited with all appeal. Entering its way into the sartorial stratosphere is brought to us by Anine Bing, in the form of rock n’ roll effortlessness the brand is widely regarded for in our favourite suiting and chic knitwear. Embracing this colour? Works beautifully as a tip-to-toe tonal outfit. Perfect for summer and wintertime dressing.

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