Melanie Auld Jewelry

  The Symbolic Jewelry Label That’s Adorning Your Next Story
Photo courtesy of Melanie Auld Jewelry

Drawn from wanderlust, the Vancouver-raised label Melanie Auld Jewelry (MAJ) evokes boundless travel with utmost attention to established detail & gleaming elegance. Founded by Melanie herself, her designs resonate with a globally-inspired approach in combination with the immersion of coastal sophistication. After settling in Vancouver with her family, having lived in 13 different cities within 12 years, Melanie Auld launched her namesake brand in 2013, followed by the opening of her storefront in 2019. Blending traditional craftsmanship while marrying treasured, keepsake memories as tangible, MAJ casts dream-like collections for the awe-inspired. Forever grounded by transcendent connection, MAJ helms its craftsmanship in countries such as Canada, Italy, China, & Spain. Here’s why we can’t get enough of MAJ.

As an extension of the wearer by marrying personal touches with alluring aesthetics, Melanie Auld’s brand embraces the soul, for which examples can be found within her ADORNED collection collab with HGTV Canada’s Jillian Harris. Spelling it out with MAJ? Beyond the realm as a beautified accessory, MAJ’s initialized charms within this range transform into love letters, which are made for eternal storytellers. A never-leave-without heirloom that’s forever yours, add a personal touch with their puffed heart or pave moon charm. See your next ADORNED necklace in either sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14k solid gold.

Moving with you, MAJ’s Large Herringbone Chain Necklace is a must-have. As it sits just below your collarbone, awash your neckline with this lightweight necklace. Ribboning your décolletage, the gold vermeil seamlessly creates an ultra-elegant, liquid-like appeal. From MAJ, it’s 14k magic. Love the on-radar tubular earring trend? MAJ has you covered with their chubbies range. Petite but so mighty. Ever-reminiscent of ethereal enchantment, MAJ is the ultra-feminine embrace to talisman adornment, as each near-and-dear piece is an emblem meant to be worn wherever your next sojourn or getaway awaits. Dedicated to take you anywhere, find your next story with Melanie Auld Jewelry.

Melanie Auld Flagship Vancouver. Photo courtesy of Melanie Auld Jewelry.

To combat the COVID-19 crisis & shortage of medical-grade masks, MAJ has recently committed to the funding of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline heroes. For further information, please click here.

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