Meet Adeera, the New Womenswear Brand We’ve Been Waiting For

The brand that invites dressing as pleasure? Meet Adeera – the newest ‘It’ Girl label taking style cues from Insta-Girls alike & paving a seasonless brand with love-forever essentials. Marking the sustainably-minded Vancouver label as ever-feminine, Adeera’s latest pre-order only collection, “Edition 1” is built from the oh-so sumptuous appeal of buttery soft Mulberry Silk.

Here’s your exclusive first look with Adeera’s dream design team (& best friends) Shannon & Emma on their lust-worthy label & more…

Situated in a shadowy-lit room accentuated by a golden hour glaze – Adeera’s first collection, “Edition 1” – is a sartorial play of contrast. Providing a resurgence of bygone detailing in combination with unapologetic sensuality – Adeera epitomizes its exacting namesake – strength & independence. And this is how they define their “ideal” girl to be, wholly marking femininity as uniquely celebratory from “the elegant and edgy, the fearless and timeless,” showcasing all sides of the self – as described by the brand.

Founders Shannon & Emma began Adeera with a shared search of wanting more – a hunt on the perfect statement garment with priority on responsible design. The result?

“Chic. Feminine. Edgy,” the design duo shares.

Adeera officially marked its debut on Oct. 6th with six essential styles – including the 001, a one-shouldered blouse with an asymmetric décolletage neckline; the 002, a tie-front top; the 003, a silk organza tie-back blouse; the 004, a skimming mini skirt finished with upholstery trim; & the 005, a waist-hugging belt tiered with bows.

Dubbing their collections as “Editions,” each garment undergoes a process of production between 7-10 weeks, 2-3 weeks after its initial launch. What can you expect? Silhouettes awash in pearled ivory & deepened black hues, revealing its quiet lustre as it moves with you.

Mulberry Silk leads Edition 1 into an inner world guided by the aesthetic of Victorian nonchalance – without teetering on the old-fashioned. The fabric is imbued with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification which guarantees that safety is ensured during its chemical-free production process. The silky anchor is reformed to where no remaining material goes untouched – as Adeera’s collections precede into dream-like accessories, such as the 006, a silk organza hair scrunchie.

On the path to their official launch, Adeera has found its bearings, as the team tells me, “it’s been a long process of designing, building, and iterating the brand” as each garment can undergo an arduous process of fittings, fittings, & more fittings (the 001 underwent an upwards of 12).

“[The] industry is not an open book, [therefore] you really have to dig”, Shannon and Emma shared.

An ode to the feminine silhouette, expect styles to mirror Hellenic curvature & gentle ruching, which are informed by the brand’s reminiscence with bygone dressing. Anew, styles are made hero by capturing ethereal romance, as languid silk is secured with such techniques as corset-style boning to be unveiled as alluringly trend-transcendent.

Behind the ever-enchanting aesthetic, the limited-run collection has early grounding in ecological integrity. Adeera is doing it their way.

Fashion’s reckoning with the textile industry comes with an overdue history of exploitation as 80% of women accumulate its workforce, with only a small fraction (re: single digits) being recipients of a livable wage. Our Earth’s well-being doesn’t fare better. As one of the largest polluting industries globally, the environment is at its breaking point, with billions of tonnes of carbon emissions clouding our skies coupled with an ever-pilling of waste in our landfills & oceans. Adeera’s changing these statistics.

As regarded by their philosophy, “transparency always”, Adeera maintains talent within Canada, minimizes waste with pre-order only collections, and partners with factories with safe & fair working conditions, while in disclosing their path towards sustainability, step by step.

“Being a sustainably minded business means to work every day and in everything you do towards being as sustainable as possible. We understand that no one can be 100% sustainable all the time, so being transparent is key. Don’t lie about what you’re putting out there. Own that you’re doing your best and making the efforts to get better. In every launch we will be one step closer to 100% sustainability.”

Adeera finds balance. And it’s what we’ve been waiting for. As it all begins with a cause, the label aesthetically draws from escape.

Within a post-lockdown world, a return to feelings of empowerment through optimism & assurance remains to be an antidote in the realm heightened uncertainty. “Our vision with our brand is, through our garments, to give women confidence and an escape from a world full of uncertainty”, Adeera shares.

Moments of adversity inversely heads self-discovery. For Adeera, they believe in dressing for one’s pleasure. An act of finding oneself is undoubtedly a revelation of inner strength, & borrowing from the label’s own definition, Adeera represents you.

Comforting pleasures luxuriously made for effortless adornment? Co-sign.

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