Leave it to Khaite’s Cate Holstein to sartorially turnover a feeling. Musings on mood – Spring for Khaite is an evolved, post-isolation consciousness that’s gritted within a sense of place – of belonging once more. The label’s impossibly-chic repertoire approaches womenswear with a pragmatic otherworldliness to femininity, ever-reliably being the antidote to new season beginnings – and rebirth. Introducing Spring.

Styling followed democratic shapes & structure. Gently-filled down informed luminous coats & jackets. Harness-like silk straps became focal points which balanced floaty & poplin silhouettes. A liberating in-focus feature which grounded lighter ensembles. Western dressing was a touchpoint within the nineties-influenced collection. Leather & suede were a force throughout. Lengthening ruched dresses gave subtle sex appeal. 

Escapist tones reigned at Khaite such as ivory, sooty noirs, and touches of khaki. Contrasts of textures & luminosity were at play: sequins balanced the solid tones & heavier-appeal of the cozier pieces such as the bombers. Metallic tones called in Spring which played as silvery adornment to trenches and bustier tops. And then there was THAT dress: A Swarovski-crystallized sheer dress slipped on by model Julia Nobis

Makeup and hair mirrored the collection. No feature overpowered the other – rather, gentle definition informed beauty throughout. Everyday makeup became stunningly beautiful by way of MUA Diane Kendal. Lightly smoked-out lids were given neutral hue eyeshadow for colour & contour. Eyes became lashed with sweeps of mascara, followed by brushed-out brows for texture. The genius of the look? The cheeks welcomed iridescence whereas the shadowy-dimness of the eyes harked on our longingness to feel once again. 

Pinky lips and mouths brought in new femininity. Porcelain skin was canvas to the makeup. Hair – as with previous collections – was undonely-kempt. Ease of tresses & locks were effortlessly groomed. Moodiness transcended to locks by the hands of hair-artist Duffy. As emotional as the collection was – strength was imbued from stitch to strand throughout. 

Within the worst of the pandemic year, Khaite knows we’re still within the thick of it all. Never too far to deviate from the definitive New York wardrobe, Holstein answers with necessity over frivolity. What’s most authentic, works. Not over the top, the label’s collection approaches womenswear with a gritty earthiness that calls to the Khaite girl: Home. To Khaite? That’s Spring. 


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