Must-Read: The Cut’s 43-Day Fashion Road Trip

$200,000 of High-End Designer Duds, Doses of Dramamine, & An Unforgettable Story of Women and Their Americas
Photo via The Cut & Holly Andres

From one of the furthest tips of the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, across New Mexico and right back to handsome Montana, comes more than just an enduring road trip for Portland photographer Holly Andres and makeup artist Sheri Mendes. The duo set out on an incredible journey recruiting and capturing stunning real-life subjects in their natural surroundings, from a stay-at-home Mom based in Indiana to an actress/retail associate from Las Vegas. Not only through the series of photographs, but throughout the beautifully articulated article, the individual women dictated their own narrative through their personal anecdotes – overall, shaping the arc of the 43-Day Road Trip.

The experiences of women are often plagued with a cacophony of bias & agenda setting through the sources of media we encounter. Ultimately, women fall into a calamity of single-story narratives. This 43-Day Road Trip offers the subtle yet effective uppercut to defy these systematic notions that blanket our individual complexities. Stories include grappling with identity, gentrification & displacement, racialization, and motherhood. Metaphorically, guiding the reader along the road trip is re-imagining the heartland of American soil and the stuff of its roots as beautifully diverse & individualized – all with its intricacies, nonetheless.

Photo via The Cut & Holly Andres

With a van stocked of nearly thousands of dollars of the finest strung off the international runways, Andres and Mendes endure speed-bumps along the way, such as fighting off terrible motion sickness while downing Dramamine as remedy to impromptu hotels for those overnight, sleepy-eyed journeys. Coming with no shortages, precious cargo included an opulent faded rose silk Gucci gown and a marigold Bluemarine blouse and skirt combo, as these are just some of the glamorous pieces featured in this spread. Their journeys have led them to the most mystifying marvels, all which has constituted an unforgettable story.

The photographs are evocative and haunting – adding to its mesmeric value. Photographs are embedded with meaning, as they elicit personal narratives and amplify emotions, though subjected to interpretation. In this editorial, private stories and public meanings are fused together. Thus, taking to task current dominant ideologies of female identity and more so, America. Though sometimes photography can elicit tragic mementos from collective understanding, it speaks for truth. As stated by Muslim Al-Jazeera journalist Malika Bilal, “[though] sometimes I feel conspicuous being Muslim…this is the United States, founded on religious freedom, and this is as much my country as anyone else’s” (The Cut, 2017).

Photo via The Cut & Holly Andres

This Gothic & poetic tale of identity formation is tied together through fashionable dressing – despite the women’s differences of religion, occupancy, age, & race. As the women are banded together despite variances, Andres and Ramsey articulate the importance of humility, individuality, and civility in a chaotic, divisive world in their masterpiece. Through the voices and storytelling of these selected women, this 43-Day Fashion Road Trip is an autobiographical account of America.

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The All-Essential Packing Guide

Vacation packing. Ease & practically appears to be far removed and almost mutually exclusive when we’re in the thick of this seemingly nearly impossible, inevitable routine for travel. All-to familiar frantic procrastination and last minute packing tends to take away the ease of a calming getaway. However with the right tools fashioned whether you’re an under-packer or a professional over-packer (admittedly myself), this guideline will not only be a remedial cure for your packing nightmares, but to consider travel as a fashion opportunity for self-expression and adventure!

As an added bonus, these curated tips can be well adapted and helpful to an everyday wardrobe working its way from dawn to dusk. Though we know effortless chic may seem contradictory, through careful planning you’ll be masterful and strategize like the coolest editors. Let’s dive in!

The cheeky K.I.S.S. principle a.k.a. Keep It Simple, Stylish

Not only a powerful (yet cheeky!) communicative tool and principle – it is a means to organization, structure, and less headaches for your preparations for your upcoming destinations. Simplicity is key. Pack what makes you feel confident and don’t overload. Don’t overcompensate for what doesn’t feel right.

Most of us tend to pack above our needs and don’t wear all that we’ve brought. Concentrate on those key essentials and stick to those pieces you’ll be able to wear multiple times over. To differentiate outfits, use playful accessories to compartmentalize space as it’ll be limited for your travel luggage. Accessories are the armoury to transitioning your outfits to a different setting you’ll be situated in when on vacation.

Use Your Itinerary to Your Advantage

If you have a planned itinerary, this is the perfect time to allocate pieces and string together your favourite outfits. Already having a pre-existing set plan will help you to actualize outfits, what to pack, and keep you more organized. Use it as a guideline and though it may seem trivial to think of what you’re wearing, before you realize half the work has already been done. Allow your schedule to lend itself to your packing preparations.

Better yet, if one event blends into another, you can pack a breathable jumpsuit or dress and switch out the accessories for a look in the evening from day.

Capsule Wardrobe

The all-essential, classic pieces that won’t fade out of style. These pieces are the staples and building blocks that provide foundation to your closets. With a capsule wardrobe, it’s the perfect base augmented with the trendiest or seasonal top picks.

Premised on a minimalist approach, this is a perfect principle to apply to your getaway outfits. Keeping it simple removes any external complications and frustrations. I believe that it is not limited to any number of pieces to own, however it is important to make it work best for your lifestyle.

Additionally, sticking to a colour story simplified my previous packing preparations. As an added bonus, it is noted as the chicest way to travel in style by fashion’s most noted editors. For summer, neutral palettes and caramel tones work perfectly to match a midsummer’s glow. Add golden accessories and jewelry to complete your summer look.

Whether it’s a crew-neck striped tee, a LBD, or your favourite sneakers, it is ideal to make it your own. It is a great guideline to follow but it is important to individuate to your personal taste.

Style tip: To keep you looking chic yet cool go for your investment cargo jacket with a summery, breezy dress or jeans. Focus on fabric of the garments.

Your Travel BFF: Loungewear

When travelling, never underestimate the power of good loungewear. Those in-between moments of wake-up to heading for the outdoors to getting ready for those nights out, your favourite loungewear is that perfect mediator for those quieter moments. Better yet, you can mix your favourite loungewear tee with a pair of shorts, skirt, or under a slip dress.

Especially for those cooler flights, an extra sweater or scarf in your carry-on will definitely be not only your BFF, but your MVP for the duration of the journey. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing so and haven’t looked back, regardless if I’m heading to a warmer destination. Nothing pumps serotonin as well as an ultra-soft piece of fleece-wear that enwraps your body into utter bliss.

As an added bonus, it acts as a 2 in 1 in case for those days were your pyjamas seems too far away and those ultra-soft shorts were too cozy to leave!

Style Tip: Another reason to save those dust/cloth bags, they provide use not only for our shoes but as a great pouch for swimwear, our undergarments, and laundry. Bring as many as you like (depending on your travel agenda) and hang up where it is best. Easy.

The Undisputed Power of Fit

This section may be obvious, however I believe it is one of the most underestimated yet important tips before travel. It goes hand-in-hand with the K.I.S.S. method as well as sticking to that capsule wardrobe. As our bodies constantly change, it is important that we understand where we are now and accommodate based upon our choices in wear.

Try everything on at least a couple days beforehand. If you feel an item needs hemming – try on at least a week before and that’ll give plenty of time for a tailor to make those finishing perfections.

Fit is one of the avenues is dress that makes us feel confident. We don’t want to fiddle or frantically search for pieces in our closet to only be left with our whole wardrobes on our floors and nothing to wear.

Take control. Understand your body. Hone in on the power of fit. Integrate this notion into your wellness routine. The work is done.

Invest in Personal Styling

While this isn’t a necessity I’ve had the pleasure of working with different clients ahead of their travels. Overall, a styling experience is a wonderful investment and clients usually come away feeling more confident and assured in their decisions.

Most department stores have in-house styling services. A high-touch, individuated experience done with ease – guaranteed, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your body and sense of style – an added bonus.

Be assured that most won’t require additional fees for your experience; however, depending where you live I’d recommend to check-in with a coordinator.  Alternatively, you can seek the services of a local stylist if you’re unable to connect with a department styling service.

Style Tip: Feel welcome to bring in some of your favourite pieces from home and together, the stylist in consideration will coordinate with you chic essentials and a wardrobe you’ll feel confident wearing.

Go Rogue

As much as I love a capsule wardrobe with a pop of those special add-ons, the best advice I’ve ever received as I recall in broken verbatim was Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation. Be uninhibited in your choices, and whatever garment maximises on your joy and confidence (no matter how obscene) – happiness overrides sensibility and with a chip on your shoulder, throw it lovingly in your travel luggage.


The BEST Shopping on Maui

Looking for that bespoke utility jumpsuit that the chicest of fashion editors wear on their getaways? How about those must-have separates that’ll take you from dawn to dusk for those sun-soaked adventures to those the moonlit evenings after dark? Through this curated list, all those needs are covered – from the best shops on Maui!

As vendors on the island have grown and developed significantly, modern and fashion-forward shops have come aboard in recent years. The featured shops – Imrie, Keliki, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Mahina, & Cabana all share a commonality, in that they are bounded by the spirit of Maui yet tailored for the modern woman. As an added bonus, they ease themselves further into the retail space with a killer online inventory – where you can take full advantage of the best local must-have pieces right from your desktop.


Imrie boutique is a family operated, mini enterprise that bases itself from all 4 corners across the US and the Caribbean including St.Barths, the Hampton’s, and Maui. Whether a visit to their website or stores, you’ll feel their family vestiges as they’ve noted their loved ones and the people they meet as a source of inspiration for forthcoming collections.

Likened to an independent boutique, it is bespoke in its selection to curation of textiles, unique interior design, and attention to detail – individuated in its intent.

Taking the essence of a nomadic lifestyle in conjunction with editorial-like curations; from their gorgeous in-house swimwear, chicest Birkenstock to rad utility jumpsuits by Monrow and to Minnie Rose distressed cashmere sweaters, their selections can be likened to alluring treasures. Imrie encapsulates the spirit of the location they’re bound to, and it’s a definite visit in store and online.

Photo via Instagram @keliki_hawaii


Out of all the boutiques listed, Keliki is one of the most Insta-worthy! The apparel is merchandised to flawlessness – bold yet cohesive with the perfect accessory to match. Incredibly eye-catching, their location at The Shops at Wailea may be relatively new however, it comes with no shortages as they’re the newest local rage.

From translation, Keliki by definition means “by the sea”, and it was born out of an amalgamation of owner Kelsie’s extensive industry knowledge coupled with her island background on Maui.

Styles can be likened to the coolest mainstream brands without the heavy price point. Not to mention their own in-house brand aptly named Keliki, whose standout pieces include printed yet colourful separates and wrap dresses. The ease of her pieces lends themselves perfectly from beach to bar. From Faithfull the Brand to Quay eyewear, Keliki is loaded with an It Girl’s arsenal of free-spirited apparel and accessories that’ll leave all of your OOTD’s covered.

Photo via Instagram @sanlorenzo_oahu


Located in the heart of Paia’s bustling shopping & dining district along Hana highway, San Lorenzo Bikinis is an amalgamation of South American sexiness with Hawaiian ease. It was started on the basis with the desire for South American-esque swimwear – as it was noticeably absent in the Hawaiian market. With time, the business has amassed to locations across the Hawaiian Islands and California with manufacturing facilities throughout South America.

Most notably, San Lorenzo has been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. San Lorenzo Bikinis are noted for their reversible, Brazilian-cut styles in which locals have been obsessing and raving!

Alongside their editorial approved swimwear, San Lorenzo Bikinis boasts a variety of adorable lightweight crop tops with matching shorts & skirts, dresses that can translate from land to sea, and an online inventory that’ll leave you there for hours.

Photo via Instagram @mahinawailea


Born and bred out of the desire for sartorial perfection in combination with an entrepreneurial initiative, Mahina is the brain-child of bohemian flare with an island essence. Through its beginnings in Paia in 2006, this tropical enterprise has amassed to nine locations across the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, Mahina comes bolstering with accolades as it has been voted Maui’s Best Boutique for several years running.

With no compromise on style and quality at accessible price ranges, Mahina seeks its inspiration and curates its fashion on differing street styles from the everyday women they encounter. Light, breathable fabrics with those special added touches, plus an array of delicate yet striking jewelry, it is a destination in and of itself.

Mahina will keep you looking stylish yet comfortable on your favourite getaways.

Photo via Instagram @fsmaui


Tucked in the Four Seasons Wailea hotel, carrying the best in high-fashion street-wear to delicate jewelry, Cabana is a getaway for all fashionistas alike. Not only carrying women’s apparel, it also includes men’s and children’s wear.

Hosting a variety of women’s premium brands including Golden Goose, I fell in love with locally made thunderbolt chain-link earrings that were only $50!

With destination retail at the forefront, slip yourself into luxury with the best in swim and resort wear. Not to mention feminine yet edgy apparel that can uniquely tie into a capsule wardrobe.

Waterless Beauty: The 2020 Trend Redefining Our Beauty Shelves

photo via glossier
With over two-thirds of the world’s population aimed to face water scarcity by 2025 & in combination with our skin and body products containing on average 70-80% of water, our choices in consumption are beyond what’s skin deep. Luckily, the industry is making head-waves for footprint-less beauty products.
Meet the movement ‘Blue Beauty’ & its sidekick K-Beauty alum, waterless products. Originally designed to deliver on further potency & effectiveness sans H2O, waterless beauty products contribute to the initiative of a greater good that safeguards our oceans’ availability and quality. Better yet, the need for preservatives diminishes as natural ingredients act as a replacement, and overall reducing skin irritations.
To name a few, enter the antidotes to revitalizing your beauty closet: OWA Haircare & industry favourite, RMS Beauty to beauty newbie An-Hydra with its shape-shifting hero The Powder of Youth. With all these products you need little to receive maximum benefits. Proven to be better-than-the-alternative to water-bound formulations as it won’t strip your skin of it’s natural moisture, here are a list of products on why you should go blue…

Prices are listed in CDN Currency. Products are independently listed & reviewed.

The 2020 Loungewear Trend for Dressed Down Glamour

photo via @styleidealist. photo by @sarahellen_photography.

For napping. For a daily sojourn. However you choose, the Nap Dress is the latest dressing trend for 2020 that proves to be more than a means to adorn ourselves. Trademarked by Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond pre-quarantine, this is the brand for dressed-down effortless glamour & its designs prove to be pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly from their smocked necklines and flowy shapes. Loving the balloon sleeve? Ukrainian label Sleeper is the It-Girl favourite for dreamy dresses that provide maximum style & comfort. For shining at your next Zoom meeting, here are the top picks for this self-love essential…

Hill House Home The Ellie Nap Dress, $170
Hill House Home The Caroline Nap Dress, $135

Sleeper “Marquise” Linen Dress in White, $390
Sleeper “Atlanta” Linen Dress in Azure Blue, $430
Sleeper “Atlanta” Linen Dress in Roses, $430
Hill House Home The Athena Nap Dress, $135. photo by @lefevrediary
Cult Gaia Stella Dress – Off White, $495
Prices are listed in CDN Currency

& Other Stories: 24 of the Best Summer-to-Fall Buys

photo via & Other Stories

Looking for Fashion inspiration from the streets of Stockholm? Seek no further other than from the Swedish label & Other Stories – the brand that maximizes on Style from full-on florals to helmed, minimalist tailoring. This edit is all about your Fall sartorial prep while showcasing love-forever Summery staples you daren’t leave. The best part about this summer-to-fall transition? You needn’t need to hop on a plane to adorn yourself in effortless Scandinavian style. Soaking eternal moments of Sun while seeking inspiration for Fall, with & Other Stories here are the top picks for your in-between season dressing.

Embroidered Collar Puff Sleeve Shirt, $120
Puff Sleeve Peplum Top, $95
Deep Scoop-Neck Rib Top, $65
Boxy Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $35
Sleeveless Sweetheart Neckline Bodysuit, $65
Oversized Wool Blend Workwear Shirt, $200
Relaxed Short Sleeve Shirt & Relaxed Shorts, $95 & $80
Ribbed Button Up Cardigan, $80

Relaxed Leather Shirt, $465
Cropped Textured Cotton Cardigan, $175
Alpaca Blend V-Neck Cardigan, $135
Wool Blend Cardigan, $160
Linen Puff Sleeve Midi Dress, $175

Balloon Sleeve Lace Mini Dress, $200
Gathered Waistline Midi Dress, $135
Voluminous Floral Smock Mini Dress, $160
High Rise Denim Shorts, $80
Pull-On Leather Shorts, $330
Dropped Shoulder Straight Fit Blazer & Wide High Waist Shorts, $200 & $120
Pearlescent Beaded Clutch Bag, $95
Twisted Chain Link Necklace, $40
Padded Leather Heeled Sandals, $160
Prices are listed in CDN Currency. All items are photo sourced from & Other Stories.

Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Can Support Now & Always

photo via Brother Vellies
As we’ve been following the ongoing, devastating consequences of systematic racism globally, we’ve been looking to be continually conscious on how we can dismantle this system of oppression through raising the profile of Black-Owned Businesses & Designers. Too often in the Fashion Industry, Black talent is neglected despite significant contributions to this realm. To be an anti-racist ally for change, with our collective support and buying power, we can vote with our dollars and prompt economic & cultural transformation. We’re putting a spotlight on outstanding Black-Owned Businesses you can support now & forever.*Images are linked*

Brother Vellies

Founded in 2013, Brother Vellies is a footwear & accessories brand which was established by Toronto-born Creative Director and Founder Aurora James whose premise was to celebrate cultural heritage through traditional African craftsmanship & techniques, with an emphasis on feminine eclecticism. James founded the 15 Percent Pledge based on a call-to-action for brands to increase their shelf-space of Black-Owned Businesses to 15%.
photo top left and middle via Brother Vellies


Embedding an ultra-feminine sensibility into the decidedly sensual aesthetic of her namesake brand CUSHNIE, Creative Director & CEO Carly Cushnie artfully formulates sex appeal within her womenswear collections, emphasizing on form & structure. Cushnie’s Spring ’19 NYFW Runway Show marked the emancipation of her first solo collection and defined the brand as assuredly luxurious & sophisticated. Expect fluid silhouettes, sumptuous silk charmeuse, & re-imagined necklines.

photo via CUSHNIE. photo top right via CUSHNIE

Lisa Folawiyo

Merging West African textile traditions with modern silhouettes, globally-renowned Lisa Folawiyo melds perenially-chic femininity with alluring craftsmanship. With Ankara dress-wear as inspiration, through fanciful embellishment & texture, Lisa Folawiyo transforms the tradition of African aesthetics as decadently anew & as decidedly hers with her namesake label. Adorning Solange, Lupita Nyong’o, & Lucy Liu; discover beautifying motifs within her collections.
photo top left and middle via Lisa Folawiyo
photo via Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers

The architect of THAT bulbous strawberry-shaped cropped top, Christopher John Rogers is a force to be reckoned through his unapologetic use of vibrant colourways, harmonious showcases of lustrous silk, & experimental silhouettes. Exemplifying self-assured celebratory femininity, the Louisiana-born designer was the top recipient of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in 2019. Expect voluminous shapes & all-encompassing captivating details.
photo via Christopher John Rogers. captured by Ibragim Gatsiev. photo middle right shot captured by Tre Koch & Raoul.
photo via TyLynn Nguyen. shot captured by Ford

TyLynn Nguyen

Alluring. Architectural. Decadent. For lovers. Balancing sensual femininity with empowering strength, TyLynn Nguyen achieved a perfecting sartorial formula to a beautifying collection of the most luscious and luxurious undergarments. Her self-titled collection consists of intimate mesh panties, refined underwire-less & laced triangle cup bras that move with you with maximum comfort.
photo via tylynnnguyenoffical
‘homecoming’. photo via Sindiso Khumalo. shot captured by Jonathan Kope

Sindiso Khumalo

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Sindiso Khumalo is a prolific textile designer who merges sustainable fabrications with African storytelling in her alluring designs. A distinct narrative that embraces her Zulu & Ndebele heritage, Sindiso Khumalo’s namesake brand evokes a visual language of empowering identity through ornate patterning & silhouettes married with the promise of ethical craftsmanship.
photo via Sindiso Khumalo
photo via Sindiso Khumalo
photo via EDAS. shot captured by Carolyne Loree

photo via EDAS. shot by Carolyn Loree. photo bottom left via EDAS. shot captured by Luna Antonia Arboleda


Embracing eclectic, unapologetic femininity punctuated with detailed colourways and contrast, EDAS is a sustainable accessories brand regarded for their ornate jewelry & supple leather goods. EDAS’ collection, “edas x Mexico” fuses founder’s Sade Mims creative talents with the artisanship of makers in Leon, Guanajuato to form a line that unveils a beautified, authentically-crafted narrative of Mexico. Discover their Charro One Shoulder Wrap Top, Luna Earrings, & Charcoal Delantal Top.

photo via Jade Swim

Jade Swim

Dreamt by Stylist and Fashion Editor Brittany Kozerski, JADE Swim is a minimalist yet sensual swimwear line laden with innovative silhouettes and styles. Regarded for its shape-enhancing cuts, JADE honours its alluring namesake from nature. Bright & Earthy tones reign within their sporty collections. Your next Summer uniform begins with their editorial-approved “Evolve” One-Pieces.
photo via Jade Swim

Sincerely, Tommy

Kai Avent deLeon established Sincerely, Tommy in Brooklyn, New York where unbearably chic high-end emerging designers are stock-listed. Located in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy, Sincerely, Tommy maintains an eclectic aesthetic while diversifying to community-orientated ventures with the launch of S,T Coffee, S,T Well, & S,T Eat & Stay. Avent-deLeon launched her thoughtfully-priced line, Sincerely, Tommy, capturing the essence of fresh femininity discerning shoppers crave.
photo via Sincerely, Tommy

photo top left and middle right via Sincerely, Tommy

photo via Sincerely, Tommy. shot captured by Anthony Bryant

Thebe Magugu

Contemporary with nods to cultural storytelling, established in Johannesburg, South Africa, Thebe Magugu is a Fashion Brand that emphasizes on women’s ready-to-wear. From stitch to finish, Magugu’s designs are conceptualized and manufactured within the African continent. Woven within the fabric of his collections, Magugu’s approach to sartorial design embraces his African roots, which perfected through reimagined tailoring.
photo via Thebe Magugu. shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman
photo via Thebe Magugu. shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman

Matte Brand

Unapologetic sexiness with an embrace to sartorial 90s fashion defines the editorial aesthetic of Briana Wilson’s line, Matte Brand. Defining a decade into modernity, Matte’s latest collection, “Matte 1992”, epitomizes unabashed femininity. The cult-loved brand is at the forefront of representation which includes women of colour, shapes, & body types. Find forever essentials such as their body-hugging leisurewear.
(top & bottom left) photos via Matte
photo via Matte
photo via lemlem. bottom right: photo via Net-a-Porter. shot captured by Cass Bird


Anchored in its literal translation to “flourish” & “bloom”, lemlem is ever-reminiscent of a brand whose moral-driven mandate is woven within the fabric of their DNA & the embodiment of its Amharic-lended namesake.
lemlem founder Liya Kebede sought to preserve traditional weaving techniques, & safeguard the market for locally produced goods & employment opportunities from her native Ethiopia. Made entirely in Africa, beautified, decorated patterning and gentle colour palettes awash the Ethiopian brand’s elevated aesthetic.

Third Crown designers Kofi & Kristin Essel. photo via Third Crown for StylingSOUL. shot captured by Erica Génécé. photo bottom right via The Folklore.

Third Crown

Derived from a namesake that symbolized a powerful union, Third Crown designers husband-and-wife couple Kofi and Kristin Essel conceptualized an aesthetic that celebrated their Ghanian & Jamacian roots. With a synchronous discerning allure for architectural structure and geometric design, Harlem-based Third Crown reimagines show-stopping jewelry as elegantly understated. Storytelling through gestures of love.


Standing for strength and beauty inspired by the artist herself, TOVE is a London-based brand conceptualized by co-founders Camille Perry & Holly Wright following demonstrated industry experience. TOVE is defined by its minimalist, yet decidedly feminine aura, which is exemplified by its languid silhouettes and considered fabrications.

(top left) photo via TOVE. (bottom left) photo via TOVE. shot captured by Georgia Devey Smith

photo via TOVE. shot captured by Georgia Devey Smith

Aisling Camps

From an unconventional start as a Mechanical Engineer, Caribbean-raised Aisling Camps found herself as a graduate at FIT & must-know Fashion Designer with the fruition of her namesake label. The Brooklyn-based designer’s signature essentials include her enchanting fringe-mapped basics, & drop stitched cable knit sweaters finished with lace-like interwoven sofilo yarn. Thoughtfully-curated, globally-minded pieces are made dreamlike & wearable.
photos top right and middle via Aisling Camps
photo via shopmcmullen. photo bottom left via shopmcmullen


From Christopher John Rogers to Jacquemus, the ultimate edit of emerging & established designers is nestled at Sherri McMullen’s namesake concept store, McMullen. The Bay Area-founded, all-inclusive brand features African and African-American designers based in the apparel and home décor industries. Transcending trends; elevated, eclectic, and sophisticated brands with an editor’s sartorial insight are yours to discover at McMullen.
photo via Wales Bonner. shot captured by Harley Weir. photo middle right via Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner

Otherworldly and transcendent, Grace Wales Bonner’s Menswear & Womenswear collections are a tactile exploration of identity, race, and culture. Wales Bonner’s gender-fluid designs evoke a merging of European and Afro-Atlantic traditions, emphasizing intellectual conceptions of literature, critical theory, and art. Soulful and contemporary, signatures are distinguished through sharp tailoring.
photo via Wales Bonner. shot captured by Stef Mitchell
For more information on how your can donate & support worthy causes, please visit 15 Percent Pledge & Black in Fashion Council

The Spring Edit

The Spring-Forward Essentials that Are Blooming as Your Next Joyful Must-Haves
Photo via LoveShackFancy

Painterly floral prints, Peter Pan collared blouses, & ethereal puff sleeves call on our attention for Spring’s newest sartorial DNA. Fresh femininity as a joyful embrace reigns as the latest take on our warmer weather uniforms. Balance yours with ultra-cool of-the-moment denim. With this joyful edit, discover your next wardrobe for brighter days ahead.


Melanie Auld Jewelry

  The Symbolic Jewelry Label That’s Adorning Your Next Story
Photo courtesy of Melanie Auld Jewelry

Drawn from wanderlust, the Vancouver-raised label Melanie Auld Jewelry (MAJ) evokes boundless travel with utmost attention to established detail & gleaming elegance. Founded by Melanie herself, her designs resonate with a globally-inspired approach in combination with the immersion of coastal sophistication. After settling in Vancouver with her family, having lived in 13 different cities within 12 years, Melanie Auld launched her namesake brand in 2013, followed by the opening of her storefront in 2019. Blending traditional craftsmanship while marrying treasured, keepsake memories as tangible, MAJ casts dream-like collections for the awe-inspired. Forever grounded by transcendent connection, MAJ helms its craftsmanship in countries such as Canada, Italy, China, & Spain. Here’s why we can’t get enough of MAJ.

As an extension of the wearer by marrying personal touches with alluring aesthetics, Melanie Auld’s brand embraces the soul, for which examples can be found within her ADORNED collection collab with HGTV Canada’s Jillian Harris. Spelling it out with MAJ? Beyond the realm as a beautified accessory, MAJ’s initialized charms within this range transform into love letters, which are made for eternal storytellers. A never-leave-without heirloom that’s forever yours, add a personal touch with their puffed heart or pave moon charm. See your next ADORNED necklace in either sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14k solid gold.

Moving with you, MAJ’s Large Herringbone Chain Necklace is a must-have. As it sits just below your collarbone, awash your neckline with this lightweight necklace. Ribboning your décolletage, the gold vermeil seamlessly creates an ultra-elegant, liquid-like appeal. From MAJ, it’s 14k magic. Love the on-radar tubular earring trend? MAJ has you covered with their chubbies range. Petite but so mighty. Ever-reminiscent of ethereal enchantment, MAJ is the ultra-feminine embrace to talisman adornment, as each near-and-dear piece is an emblem meant to be worn wherever your next sojourn or getaway awaits. Dedicated to take you anywhere, find your next story with Melanie Auld Jewelry.

Melanie Auld Flagship Vancouver. Photo courtesy of Melanie Auld Jewelry.

To combat the COVID-19 crisis & shortage of medical-grade masks, MAJ has recently committed to the funding of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline heroes. For further information, please click here.

The Love Edit

Photo via The Coveteur

Let’s get personal-ized. This gift guide isn’t solely for the romantic, as it is customized to fit those that are celebrating V-Day, those that are topping off their annual Galentine’s, & just for YOU. Whether you’re set on a sweet something or have a movable budget, you’re covered with us. Laden with accoutrements for the star-crossed lovers to those that simply need an amped up upgrade on their well-loved slippers, this Love Edit is still guaranteed to still send all hearts racing.

We’ve selected the best of the love-filled to give to your loved ones & best friends for ANY occasion. Gifts for even all year round? Absolutely. We have ideas for you that’ll leave you feelin’ all the Valentine’s feels from your Valentine. Hint, hint guys. Curated with care – this Love Edit is designed for you to fall in love.

ANINE BING Iris Open-Knit Turtleneck Sweater
Photo via Net-a-Porter

The LA-based, cult-favourite brand ANINE BING uncovered the sartorial DNA to the most luxurious, open-knit sweater. The inky blue hue is a spanning alternative to our favourite neutral colourways. It sits perfectly at the waistline to be tucked in or to leave out. Insulating serious warmth, temperatures retained by this sumptuously soft garment will keep you cozy. Tailored yet relaxed – this is a definite run don’t walk moment for this best-selling sweater. $400.

ANINE BING Delicate Lace Bra – Black
Photo via Anine Bing

An intimate layering basic that’s to surely be part of a capsule wardrobe. ANINE BING is noted for her classic, everyday essentials that evoke effortless chic & rock n’ roll sensibility. The beautifying, intricately-laced piece is designed for utmost versatility, to due its genius deep plunge. The bralette sits just enough to highlight a subtle yet enchanting, feminine peek from underneath your favourite open-neck tee. $130.

Fleur Du Mal Lily Triangle Bralette & Embroidery High Waist Thong

Underneath it all. This set leaves a tease (or more!) to be imagined. Fleur Du Mal is inspired by whimsical femininity with hints of provocative detailing with all the comfort & support. This set proves to be the perfect pairing for all your lingerie desires from their best-selling collection. According to Fleur Du Mal, what counts definitely starts from beneath. $182 & $114.

Love Stories Rosie Weekday 5-Pack

A friendly, weekday reminder for those bare necessities packaged in an utmost stylish way; evoking playful romance with its elegant cursive & satin-like feeling. Cheeky, these undies from Love Stories are for everyday day of the week – and these pick-me-up mood-enhancing briefs won’t let you down either. $211.

Eberjey Pique Graziela Bikini Top & Pique Coco Bikini Bottom

Whether you’re honeymooning with your loved one or wanting to indulge in chic swimwear for your upcoming girlfriends’ getaway – your next out of office days are made effortless & editor approved with this darling swim set. The pastel pink is feminine but not avertedly so, and this paring proves enough coverage to still soak up the sun. Sensual & laden with charm – the ruffle detailing adds interest we’re definitely akin to. Best worn with a beautified tan. $150 & $120.

Eberjey Scout Slippers Socks
Photo via Eberjey

Part slipper, part sock. You decide. As pioneers of luxurious comfort – Eberjey has you covered from your tip to toes from your sleep haven nights to thwarting away chilled feet. Knitted with thick yarn & lined with cozy fleece; slip into absolute bliss with this pair. Aching feet are long gone with these snuggies. $53.

Studio Amelia Leather Sandals
Photo via Moda Operandi

The love affair continues. We’re literally head-over-heels for Studio Amelia’s version of the It-girl worthy barely-there sandal. Not limited to warmer months; this smooth-leather matte-finished iconic style is perfect for all yearlong to freshen a cozy ensemble. Fall in love with this architectural, yet feminine sandal that’ll liven your favourite pair of rugged denim. $445.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN Single Celestial Earring

For the star-crossed lovers. This celestial earring is not only sentimental, but is just as alluring. A beautifying modern take on astrology – the white diamonds add further interest & glistening charm. SARAH & SEBASTIAN’S aesthetic on our constellations are abstract, delicate, & directional. A much coveted gift worthy to give or receive. Whether for you or a loved one – it will surely be the tangible answer to “What’s Your Sign?” *Pictured: Aquarius. Price points may vary.* $320.

Pamela Card Portrait of a Woman Earrings
Photo via Pamela Card

Mimicked from the silhouette of the female form; these enchanting earrings are the antidote to fulfilling your dream bucket-list for summery hammered gold earrings. Alluring, the attached freshwater pearl adds abstract, whimsical sophistication to the delicate aesthetic. $350.

Lack of Color Spencer Wide Brimmed Boater
Photo via Lack of Colour

What could possibly tie in your ultimate beach look with your Eberjey swimsuit for your sun soaked days? Of course, we’re talking about Lack of Colour’s Spencer Wide Brimmed Boater. Paired with the signature black grosgrain bow, the wider brim lends itself for maximum style impact for this iconic style and as a bonus; adds extra SPF coverage. Getting ahead of summery trends made easy & chic. Set sail with this nautical accoutrement this gift-giving (& receiving!) season. $80.

Olympia Le Tan Paris Embroidered Canvas Clutch
Photo via Moda Operandi

A sartorial companion to treasure. Olympia Le-Tan’s iconic clutches are brought to you by the city of love. Evoking a visual language of romance, love, and escape; the hand-embroidered silk threaded & felt appliqued clutch is a collectors’ keepsake. Love stories are definitely made from these motif literary companions. $1515.

ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Molecules 01 – Iso E Super – 100 ml
Photo via Net-a-Porter

Your signature scent, bottled. ESCENTRIC MOLECULES’ Iso E Super performs in conjunction with your body’s natural pheromones to create a scent that’s uniquely yours. Better yet? The aroma leaves its trace upon closer inspection. It’s perfect for sharing together. $173.

KORA Organics Rose Quartz Heart-Facial Sculptor
Photo via KORA Organics

Giving your skin some extra TLC surely can’t be outdone by KORA Organics’ Heart-Facial Sculptor? An ancient practice that has been modernized to the mainstream, this is a gentle addition to your beauty routine that maximizes desired results for reducing puffiness & firming your skin’s natural texture. To apply, use your favourite serum & watch your skin feel the benefits. $77.

KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

A pout to tout for kissable, achingly soft lips. A favourite amongst high-voltage celebrities such as Emma Stone & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, this is the beauty ally you never knew you needed. Fortified with ingredients to soften, plump, & hydrate; this see-through lip mask can be your secret (or to share with your BFFs!) that subtly enhance your lips (& kisses!) in under 20 mins. Laden with Vitamin E to nourish & heel, it’s a love at first peel with this coveted mask. 5 for $25 or 10 for $40.

Piecework Meta Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo via Need Supply Co.

For your weekend, daily musings together. A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that lives up to its (puzzling!) namesake. A sure-fire, unconventional gift idea that will definitely appease your discerning eyes into an artful masterpiece. A worthy memento. $48.

Photo via Sugarfina

All your hard work deserves a treat. Dusted with sugar crystals, this lip shaped, mouth-watering package of multi-pink candy will be devoured with nothing to spare. Add another to your cart, trust us. Indulge responsibly. Candy Cube, $11.

*Item photos not listed as sourced are courtesy of their respective brands. Prices are listed in CDN currency; excluding KNC Lip Masks.*

Jacquemus Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear & Menswear

The Ultimate Monochromatic Co-ed Showcase of 90s Playful Minimalism

Dubbed “L’année ‘97” or “The Year of ‘97”; Jacquemus’ insatiable Ready-to-Wear and Menswear Collections for Fall 2020 reintroduces 90’s sensual minimalism to our style dossiers. Why do we all love Jacquemus? Semblant within all of Jacquemus’ collections is a boyish, spirited approach drawn by his childhood. Iterations of linen were on display as it graced and draped high-voltage supermodels such as Laetitia Casta, the Hadids, Adut Koch Bior, Joan Smalls, & Doutzen Kroes. Being a rigid texture, the transformative nature of this textile was made sculptural, dimensional, & directional – manipulated to various, dream-like forms to our delight.

Featured hues included a medley of blue, ecru, khaki, hazy taupe, lavender, & pastel green. Gentle, the tonal showcase dictated a visual language of simplicity & purity – with linen acting as a storied anchor. The natural monochromatic palette of the ready-to-wear and menswear collections nodded to the ethereal, yet provided contrast. Though from previous collections’ past this was a dialed-down, neutral colourway – Jacquemus brilliantly teased us with pops of his eponymous neon-pink – as displayed in the iconic Spring/Summer 2020 show in his native, lavender-filled Provence. The signature pink popped & melded with the collection with utmost flair. Punctuation, perfected. In addition, new bag styles roamed the spacious runway such as a horizontal version of the iconic Chiquito; amongst varying silhouettes.

Another tease? Yes please. Jacquemus appeased our appetites for playful approaches to minimalism with a dialed-down colour palette, yet tested conventions to this streamlined design philosophy. The sumptuous detailing & “undoing” of the garments nods to the most storied of deconstructionism. Made tangible, the “unfinished” nature of the garment is a twist that informs re-imagined conventions of pared-back styles. We saw this through the appearance of trompe l’oeil peek-a-boo waistbands on trousers, gathered linen, and playful eyelet detailing. A melange of streetwear-inspired puffer coats, crop-tops, body-con, tonal multi-layering, & looser cuts were awash on the catwalk.

As the ultimate storyteller, Jacquemus proves once again to be the sartorial architect of muse-worthy fashion; as a twist of construction signals a figment of genius from the spirited designer – making classic styles anew, meaningful, & timeless.

Click here to view the collection.

Jacquemus loves Classic Blue & so do we. Click here to find out why we’ll all be wearing it nonstop for this year.

Classic Blue

The Inky Hue that’s a Spanning Burst of Cool of We’ll be Wearing Year-Round

How are we stepping into the New Year with flair? While we’re partial to tonal neutrals that are endlessly on our style dossiers; bringing the sartorial push for hues that are subtle, yet defiant and unorthodox calls for Classic Blue. Why do we love it? It’s a compelling colour palette that lends itself to be a base framework yet adds dimension to our wardrobes. As a pigment that mirrors our desire for reassurance & connection yet is mesmerizing as a thought-provoking colourway – it is on our trend forecast for 2020. We’re welcoming inky, Classic Blue & it will be having us wearing it all year long.

Taking notes from Pantone’s recent resilient inductee as the Colour of the Year has been the most storied in Fashion. As a recent showcase on Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter 2020 Collection; this masculine-like colourway is given a feminine, architectural twist and can be worn monochromatically like its neutral allies. Blue is made spirited with all appeal. Entering its way into the sartorial stratosphere is brought to us by Anine Bing, in the form of rock n’ roll effortlessness the brand is widely regarded for in our favourite suiting and chic knitwear. Embracing this colour? Works beautifully as a tip-to-toe tonal outfit. Perfect for summer and wintertime dressing.

The Countdown to Party-Ready Festive Glamour

The It-List of High Octane Dress Codes That Maximize Our Love Affair for After Dusk Playful Dazzle
Photo via Net-a-Porter

A sartorial nod to 80s high-voltage glamour is on our wintry style dossier for this season of after-dusk soirée dressing. Sumptuous louche velvets, playful polka dots, & electrifying lamé are the arsenal of fashion allies that bring maximum impact to flirtatious, dance-induced appareling. As its an embrace to a fashion cohort of copious adornment; 90s minimalism is the antidote that adds elegant sophistication for the streamlined muses.

For this season of glisten, whether you’re a fashion-laden maximalist or adore chic classicism; Undress Your Style has unveiled the modernized point-of-view to dialing up the festive silhouette. From both spectrums of iconic allure, essential pickings of the most storied seasonal curations are on our radars as the perfect additions. The nice & naughty list you need to know.

The Velvet Redux
Photo via Net-a-Porter

The crushing hero that is the arsenal of show-stopping sumptuous luxury. This year, we’re re-inventing this timeless style and wearing it with intricate detailing as a blouse, mini skirt, or as a suit with off-convention colour. It’s the staple that Party Edits are made for. Stock up on a velvet accessory this season. A classic style laden with romanticism and heritage-like quality.

Shimmering Lamé
Photo via What Goes Around NYC

High-voltage glamour is given a kaleidoscopic & mirrored appeal for wintry party dressing. As this retro texture nods to playfully ostentatious femininity – Lamé is a textile that showcases ultimate celebration. Undress Your Style is fawning over lamé mini & midi length dresses for this season. Add interest with sheer dernier tights & bedazzled earrings. Wearing that tailored showstopping tailored suit? Pair with a silky light-reflecting camisole.

The Silky Slip
Photo via Reformation

This essential is an Undress Your Style sartorial mainstay. The slip dress is a versatile picking that works its wonders for every season & occasion. Its minimalist appeal lends itself for streamlined elegance and can be worn underneath a cushioned sweater or with a menswear-inspired blazer. Subtle glamour done with all style accolades.

Bright Hues
Photo via Vogue Paris

An electrifying pop of hues is on our radars for festive charm. Vibrant colourways such as flirty pinks & constant blues encode for festive-ready soiree. Embrace these 80s inspired pigments into modernity by sticking to streamlined shapes. Indulge with more daring colours such as luxurious reds & neon greens. Add edgy punctuation to your ensembles with ease.

The Sequin
Photo via The Coveteur

Sequins are synonymous with affairs of celebration. Catch all the attention with this light-reflecting textile & pair with your favourite clutch. Sequins are a sure-fire means of standing out – however it lends itself to neutralize due to its seamless sheen. Be bold and pair with bright tones such as hot pink to make an impact. Rugged denim? Absolutely. Contrast a sequinned blouse with a pair of your favourite denim.

The Finishing Tie-Ins
Photo via Petite Cherie Collective

Completing your ultimate chic look for festive dressing? We’ve got sartorial options from Swiss-dot sheer dernier tights to feathery plume clutches. Perfect vintage-touches to a modern silhouette. Our 90s love affair with headbands continues. From the gold-toned studded to the pearled; accessorizing with an editor-approved headband will surely have heads turning. Amp the glamour to every ensemble with intricately embellished earrings.